Animus' Re-launch & City Pop Forever v2

animus designs behind the scenes design details store launch

For those wondering, Animus Designs isn't exactly a new store. I originally launched it a year ago in hopes of making some side money through design. I've done freelance vector work off and on throughout the years, but I wanted to focus more on my own passion projects. Making my own designs and selling them on merch seemed like a good way to go. 

But unfortunately, I didn't focus enough on one thing and the brand ended up rather disorganized. What little work I did do was random and inconsistently released. In the end, I put it on hiatus and persued some other endeavors.

The interesting thing is that I still had the itch to design and I still wanted to maintain a brand of some sort. And since the new year was just around the corner (and my domain renewal was coming up), I decided to give it one last shot. And so, Animus Designs was reborn!

Animus Designs Logo v4

The first thing I did was revise the Animus logo (for the fourth time). While I was pretty happy with the previous logo, the "A" katakana character always bugged me. It just didn't resemble a typical "A" character enough. After monkeying with it a bit, I found a good solution, and thus, we have the logo we're using now.

Next, I needed a design for my first store product. This was actually a bit intimidating since I hadn't designed in a while. I decided that I would revise an older design to kick things off. Enter City Pop Forever.

City Pop Forever V1

This was easily my favorite design from the old brand but I was never quite satisfied with how it came out. Sure, I loved the overall concept, but the finished design just had too many things that needed improvement. I liked the idea of a painted art design, but the edges were too rough. Also, the background cityscape just looked bad. The bottom line was that I knew I could do better, and so I recreated the entire piece in vector. The finished product is what you see below.

City Pop Forever v2

I really liked how this one came out. I addressed all of the issues I had with the previous version and was left with a design befitting of Animus' relaunch. It's also been a beneficial experience as it taught me to take things slower when designing. It's better to have fewer, high-quality pieces than several mediocre ones.

I've learned a lot in the year since I originally launched this brand. Clearly, I still have a lot to learn, but I feel like I have made significant progress in a lot of different areas. I will do my best to grow this brand and hopefully, contribute real value to the communities that my work caters to. Until my next design comes out, you can follow me online at @animusdesigns on Instagram and @animusbrand on Twitter.